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Robust Corporate Wellness Services in Rochester, NY

Good health is the foundation of a sharp and productive workforce. By investing in your employees’ health and well-being, you are taking smart steps towards improving your business and the lives of others. Strengthen and empower your talent with On Nutrition. We offer a variety of corporate wellness services in Rochester, NY. With our assistance, you can build a versatile and wide-ranging health program that encourages your employees to become strong, healthy, and resilient.

The path to good health and wellness has many avenues. Work with a consulting agency that provides the options you need at price points you can afford. Our health consultants and dietitians provide customized services. With our assistance, you may build a program that allows your employees to be as engaged as they wish. 

Insurance companies are noticing the trends toward a health-minded workforce. Many of them will provide discounts if your organization meets certain criteria. Improving the health of your workers means you will create flexible benefits packages that protect people and your bottom line. Let us steer your organization in a new, people-first direction.

Let’s Set the Foundation for Your Wellness Program

Our health programs can contain a variety of components that fit the vision and direction of your organization. For instance, we can host routine health seminars, establish personalized nutrition coaching, and much more. Our featured options include:

Wellness Coaching: Often, the decision to make a positive lifestyle change begins with a spark, an inspiration that wants people to move forward: having “It.” We’re dietitians and health consultants that are committed to lighting the fire of wellness in others. We’ll empower your employees to find the “It” which kick-starts their lifelong journeys.

Nutrition Speakers: Nutrition is a large field: research is ongoing and discoveries are being made at a break-neck pace. In an era where clickbait articles seem to change the so-called most effective diet every month, it can be hard to distinguish what’s healthy and what’s harmful. Our speakers can provide a solid foundation to help your employees make the right eating and lifestyle decisions. We speak to groups of up to 100 people.

Nutrition Writers: Staying up-to-date on nutrition and lifestyle research is a smart way to diversify personal wellness and growth. We know that your employees are busy, which is why we have a team of nutrition writers that produce easy-to-digest literature on various health, dieting, and lifestyle topics. We’ve written for publications like “Rochester Healthy Living” and would love to write material for your company.

Contact us to learn more about our nutrition and personal wellness programs. We are located in Rochester, NY, and serve the surrounding area, including the Park Avenue neighborhood.