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Nutrition health coach in Rochester, NY.

Corporate Wellness Services in Rochester, NY

Healthy employees increase the days they are in the office and the amount of work they do. Several insurance companies will provide discounts when your business implements specific health programs. Our corporate wellness services in Rochester, NY, will help you create health programs that you can implement for the improved wellness of your employees.

Corporate Wellness

We're the 'It' dietitian. We want to help other people find their 'it.' 'It' is going to be different for each person. 'It' is what changes their personal wellness lifestyle to live a fulfilling life and have the life that they want.

Nutrition Speakers

We will be happy to talk to Universities, groups, and businesses on a wide variety of nutrition topics. While we create PowerPoint presentations, we believe the best way to learn is to listen to stories from our personal dietitian. As a result, we'll tell stories of our over 25 years of experience. In our corporate wellness service seminars, we ask questions and enjoy audience participation. We speak to groups of 6 to 100 people.

Nutrition Writers

Our health writers and personal dietitian have written for Rochester Healthy Living in the past and would be happy to write articles On Nutrition topics for your company. Our health advice will not only be current and informative but will teach you how to apply the information so your staff can bring those changes into their personal wellness life or use the information to improve their health. We have also created a healthy eating plan for a local university for the employees and students.